10k Training Plan

Bridge the gap between your current strength & conditioning and your 10k goal. 

What's included?

  • A comprehensive 12 week personalized training plan

  • Pace-based workouts based on your fitness level

  • Yoga/pilates sequences specific to your needs

  • Form drills to keep you injury free

  • Mental exercises to help you make and keep a habit of running

  • Daily emails with your training reminders

  • Access to a community of amazing runners around the world

What does training for a 10k with PRC look like?

You’ll receive a training plan broken into three different phases. You’ll add one new stressor during each phase, which lets your body adequately adapt without overloading. Each phase will include daily runs, yoga sequences, strengthening exercises, and form drills.

Phase 1: Base Training (weekly easy runs, long run, yoga, strength exercises)
Phase 2: Preparation Training (weekly hill workout, tempo run, long run, yoga, strength exercises)
Phase 3: Peak Training (bi-weekly speed workouts, yoga, & taper activities)

How is this plan customized to me?

At the beginning of each phase, you'll run your “Magic Mile” and share your time with us. Based on your Magic Mile, we’ll determine training paces for your next four weeks of workouts, including your easy, tempo, speed, and long run. Additionally, we’ll share weekly strength exercises and yoga sequences to support your particular needs.  

When should I start training for a 10k?

A typical 10k training cycle is 12-16 weeks, but it’s never too early to start building your base! Choose a plan now, and we’ll work together to make a training schedule that effectively uses all of the time you have leading up to your goal race.

What does support look like?

Coaching Support
Small habits performed daily are the ones that stick, so we send you weekly coaching emails with bite-size tips on form, nutrition, recovery, and mental exercises that you can easily fold into your running practice. Each Saturday of your training, you can also submit any questions or concerns that came up for you that week.

Community Support
We’re a club on Strava, so joining lets you find Public Run Club runners in your area, participate in virtual challenges, give and get kudos for your workouts, and track your progress from day one.

This plan is for you if:

  • You can run 30 minutes without stopping (if not, start with our 5k or Beginner Training Programs)

  • You can devote 3-4 days a week (~3-5 hours/week) to prepare for the race

  • You want to create a habit of running

  • You want mind and body support as you pursue this goal

  • You want accountability to help you create a plan that actually works

  • You feel motivated, but need direction  

I had been trying to develop a running routine for years and it was never enjoyable. I was always sidelined by injury, and it was hard to keep the habit when life stuff came up. Having a personalized plan and accountability felt like the missing pieces for success.
— Megan E

Total cost: $85 for 12 weeks of personalized training

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