Running Challenge

May + June 2019

Starting on May 1st, challenge yourself to a daily practice of feeling grounded, energized, and accomplished with daily runs, circuits, mindset activities, and meditations.

The 8-week program includes:

  • 4 days of running workouts per week with easier/harder options (for ~10-20 miles/wk)

  • 3 Benchmark Runs to chart your progress (PRC runners increase speed by ~20 sec - 1 min. every 4 weeks!)

  • Virtual 5k and 10k

  • Weekly mini-challenges (including yoga sequences, body-weight circuits, and recipes.)

  • Daily warm-ups and wind-downs including guided meditations, free writing prompts, and gratitude lists

  • Downloadable Training Pack with goal-setting page, calendar, and weekly training log

  • Access to coach (me!) if you have mind/body/goal-setting/etc questions along the way.

Total Cost: $62 for 8-weeks of daily mind/body exercises


Download the Challenge Training Pack

Print this challenge’s Training Pack to game-plan your goal, track the completion of your runs, and review the workouts ahead of you. Record your daily details in your Weekly Training Log.

Complete weekly mini-challenges

Keep your body guessing (and have fun while you do it.) Each week, you’re invited to a mini-challenge like completing a bootcamp-style circuit or a themed yoga sequence.

Review & record your workouts in an easy-to-use app

Get a free account to Final Surge, the app you’ll use to seamlessly review and record your workouts. It’s also the platform you’ll use to connect with the community and with me if you have any questions along the way.

Race Virtual Fun Runs

During this challenge, you’re invited to complete our Strava fun run, which is 3 or 6 remote miles (you choose.)

Total Cost: $62 for 8-weeks of daily mind/body exercises